How Fort Loudoun was built

There are 3 Fort Loudouns.


One in Pennsylvania.


One in Tennessee.


We are Fort Loudoun in Winchester VIRGINIA.


Named after John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun,

Commander in chief  of North America

Aerial View Fort Loudoun

419 North Loudoun Street


Fort Loudoun sat on top of the hill overlooking the present day Old Town Loudoun Street Mall.


This photo can be found on page 66 in a book by Norman Baker shown below. This book can be purchased at : ​​

This is not a still photo.


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Fort Loudoun


in two  ways:


A video and pictorial representation

of how big the fort appeared using

modern buildings as a reference.



One day physically rebuild one corner of the Fort

or maybe rebuild  the whole Fort itself, as New York

did in rebuilding Fort Stanwix.